The Farm is an agricultural education center and local farming business just outside of Salinas, California.

We offer fresh organic produce for sale, farm tours, special family activities and a pleasant rural destination. During the height of our growing season, we also conduct a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription.

Our Bakery

We bake many different varieties of wonderful pies, which are then available for sale in our farmshop.

Our Store

Our demonstration farm is certified organic through the California Organic Farmers organization (CCOF).


Unfortunately we will not be hosting tours this season

Local Sustainability

The Uniqueness of the Salinas Valley

We typically grow around thirty different crops on our farm, ranging from strawberries and lettuces to items such as corn, pumpkins and tomatoes. This wide variety of produce is made possible by the uniqueness of the Salinas Valley in terms of soil and weather. In the valley itself, there are around eighty different kinds of fruits and vegetables farmed for market every year. This bounty demonstrates the fact that the Salinas Valley is certainly the most productive farmland in the country, if not the world.


Immediately adjoining our farmshop, you can also see many free-standing, giant statues painted by local artist John Cerney. These statues are modeled on current and former employees of our farming company.