Many years ago, our farmer’s wife took a look at the amazing strawberries and rhubarb we were growing and decided to bake pies. With her dedication to good nutrition, she balances her recipes right between health and baking a pie sweet enough to satisfy.


Pies are baked nearly every Friday throughout the year! In addition to that, we always keep a stock of frozen pies for sale.  Pies in the freezer are fully baked and just need to be reheated.  Occasionally on Tuesdays we bake pot pies (see order form below).

May-October you can stop by the Farm Monday-Saturday, 10AM – 5PM to pick one or two up.

November-April pies are available via CURBSIDE PICKUP near the Crown Office (green house in parking lot) Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM (The Bakery will be closed Dec. 24-Jan. 9).  Pull into a parking spot and give us a call at (831)455-2575.

Sorry, we do not deliver or mail our pies at this time. Click on the order form button below to see current flavors and specific baking days.


Using the  strawberries we grown here, and locally-grown ollalieberries, the bakers also make delicious preserves regularly which are then sold in the farmstand.

Cookies and More

When the Farm is open you can expect cookies and other goodies for sale right out of our oven every Tuesday (and sometimes Thursdays!).

Bakery History

Support Your Local Bakers

Several years ago, we started thinking about baking pies on The Farm. After all, we already grow a lot of the things that go into pies, so why not bake our own? We spent a lot of time fiddling around with recipes, researching the different kinds of ovens, and figuring out how to install a commercial kitchen. We finally got to baking for the public back in the fall of 2009. Thousands of pies later, we’re still baking.

Our 7-inch, deep dish pie is our standard pie, whether it comes in apple, strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry, ollalieberry, or many other flavors. We also bake 4-inch pies, pie bars, and 9-inch pies (by special order only). We also bake cookies and other goodies, as well as pizzas on Tuesdays.

When The Farm is open, we bake pies on Fridays, so stop on by and try one. We’re confident you’ll love our pies!